Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q) How do I backup my recipes? I would hate to lose all that work.
How do I move my recipe database to a new device?

A) Just sync with iTunes Backup or with iCloud Backup after entering recipes. All recipes are automatically backed up during sync. We recognize that your recipe data is very important to you, so we’ve taken extra steps to ensure the integrity of the database. Your entries are all saved as you go. We do recommend that you backup with iTunes Backup or iCloud Backup frequently (or after entering data) as the backup is only as good as the last sync. To Restore the data, you would need to do a Restore from Backup.

You can also create a second backup copy of the recipe database ss.db using iTunes File Sharing on your computer. In the “Apps” tab, scroll down to “File Sharing”. You will see Recipe Manager with Serving Sizer listed. You can make an additional copy of the database to save on your computer. This step is especially useful if you get a new device and do not do a Restore from Backup. This method will bring the recipe database onto the new iPad. This backup helps if you accidentally erase the app from your device, which causes all the data to delete as well (you are prompted that this will happen). In addition, you can share the ss.db file with other users, such as family members, who want to start with a full database of recipes (be careful, however, as it overwrites any data they may have already entered). In addition, you can use the method to transfer the database (overwrite) to the iPhone app, Serving Sizer Recipe Manager.

If you have this extra backup or the recipe database, you can bring in just the backup of your recipes and restore your data. Apple has written a tutorial on how to do the File Sharing backup (and restore).

Q) How can I get the recipes into my iPad?
Do I really have to type these in?

A) To get full details on the multiple entry methods available, visit the Help with Import page.

These FAQ’s refer to ingredient entry using the picklist method:
Q) How do I enter my own ingredients if they are not in the list?
A) When the ingredient list popover is in view, tap on the “+” button at the bottom of the popover.  Any text you already entered during search will be preloaded.

Q) I’ve got a complicated ingredient: 
“4 – 14.5 oz cans of stewed tomatoes”  How do I enter that one?

A) Use “items” for the type of measurement (the ‘egg’ icon).  Enter 4 for the amount.  Then use the “+” to add a new ingredient and type “14.5 oz cans of stewed tomatoes” as the ingredient name.

Q) How do I enter directions within the ingredient list? 
For example I need to add “2 Tbsp olive oil, divided”.

A) Enter “2” and “Tbsp” in the amount. For the ingredient, you can either edit an existing ingredient (but it changes all the recipes that use that ingredient), or add a new one.  Tap on the “+” at the bottom of the ingredient popover. Enter “olive oil, divided” as the new ingredient name.  You can enter as much info associated with the ingredient as needed.

Q) I can’t seem to add more ingredients after I’ve gotten to the bottom of the page.
A) The ingredients and directions scroll separately. Flick on the ingredient side of the page to find “add new ingredient” which has scrolled off the screen after adding the last ingredient.

Q) How do I add a color or style to my recipe cards?
A) Tap the artist’s palette icon on the toolbar to pull up available styles. Tap to select.  To add more designs (some free and some for purchase), tap Add More Designs and pick the styles you wish to install.  More styles are forthcoming.

Q) I can no longer find the app on my iPad after I closed it.
A) Most likely you didn’t close it, but deleted it. There is no way that the app will self-delete. Unfortunately, on the iPad, an “X” badge on the app (while they are wiggling, after you hold down an icon), indicates DELETING the app. When you delete the app, all the data is also deleted as well. You do get an “are you sure?” prompt, but sometimes we are conditioned to just tap on those. Be careful. If you want peace of mind, we recommend making a backup copy after syncing with iTunes, using “File Sharing” (see previous FAQ). The extra back up can be used to restore the data if you delete and reinstall the app.

Q) What’s the difference between Recipe Manager with Serving Sizer and Serving Sizer Recipe Manager?
A) Recipe Manager with Serving Sizer is for the iPad. Serving Sizer Recipe Manager is for the iPhone.  You can transfer the recipe database from either app. The iPhone version is not as feature rich as the iPad version, but is still actively being developed and improved and we hope to add some of the iPad features to it in the future.

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